What is FG Library & Learning?

FG Library & Learning is the second joint venture between the UK-based Frem Group (the "FG" in FG Library) and Berco Designs, based here in the US.

FG Library & Learning UK was established in 2000, and has become the market leader not only in library design, but also in shelving, and furniture manufacture and supply in the UK.

Over the years, FGLL UK has received regular inquiries from the US, but has been unable to service them adequately. Based on the success of the Oasis Berco joint venture between Frem Group and Berco Designs, FGLL UK's product designs have been thoughtfully adapted for manufacture and sale in the US market.

All FG Library & Learning US Products:

  • Are MADE IN THE US, in our St. Louis, MO manufacturing facility

  • Ship with 6-8 weeks lead time (custom products may require additional lead time)

  • Are available in 20 standard laminates, 8 standard powder coats, 24 standard fabrics, and 75 standard vinyls

  • Carry a 5 year conditional warranty (see Warranty page in this guide for additional details)

You can learn about the initial joint venture between Frem Group and Berco Designs by visiting www.oasis-berco.com

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